About Us

Our visions

We determine to create a better community for the whole food industry. We trying to perfect HIVE food ecosystem platform and hope this will driving sustainable growth in food industry under the concept of “Many lives will be better with only one HIVE platform”

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Our missions

We learned from experiences and mistakes, so that we can use them to develop our platform. We want HIVE to be more than general platform providers, we give weight in 3P logic which include Profit, People and Planet. We have a serious thought that everyone in food industry should grow along with us. With that thought, we aim to educate everybody involved in this supply chain including producers, suppliers, restaurant along with customers. At this moment, we have many partners from every categories which shared our ideas and ready to progress together with us.


We developed the whole platform which cover every needs. Starting from HIVE Restaurant Intelligence (HIVE RI) which include POS, inventory management, staff management and financial in only one platform. Second one is Customer Relationship Management (HIVE CRM) which will help restaurant and customer connected to each other easier. The last one is HIVE Marketplace, we gathered quality suppliers from every categories. This marketplace will help producers and suppliers gain a direct access to many restaurants by farm to table concept. The best thing is you can make full access of our platform for FREE! You can manage your business with your fingertip from anywhere without making any payment.

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