Every type of restaurant can use HIVE, even your business is street food or even fine dining. HIVE has been developed in terms of every restaurant can be use, so you can consider us to be your restaurant best partner and we are totally free of charge.

HIVE POS is totally cover every restaurant needs and easy to use. HIVE POS contains of restaurant management, inventory management, promotion management, HIVE CRM or even staff management and financial. We also have our own marketplace which we gathered every type of suppliers so that you can choose an ingredients that matched with your restaurant.

HIVE is all in one platform for restaurant. With HIVE, you will never have to pay for anything else. More exclusively, we also provide an ingredients which come straight from a producers. These products will be better in terms of quality and price, you can find them only in HIVE marketplace.

HIVE screen every suppliers before put them up into HIVE marketplace. After suppliers was put on our system, we also keep an eye of their performance such as quality of products, response time, logistic behavior etc. We also have a review and comment from previously purchased customer to ensure that every single product we have put on our marketplace are real.

HIVE CRM will help an interaction between you and your customer easier, so that you will know what is good or what is bad from customer opinion toward your business. We can also promote your restaurant or launch a promotion through HIVE CRM.

HIVE customer service team always standby from 8am to 10pm, you can always contact HIVE via email or live chat in our platform. We also have a manual and video tutorial on our website and we even set up a workshop for advance HIVE features every month.

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